Welcome to the website for Arche d’Alliance, an NGO (non-governmental organization) working in eastern Congo to support human rights and advocacy for victims of human rights violations, war crimes, and other injustices. Since 1997, Arche d’Alliance has worked tirelessly to support vulnerable populations throughout eastern Congo (see map below), where over a decade of persistent conflict has created a human rights disaster throughout the region. In addition to offering free legal support for victims of human rights violations and war crimes, we also provide a variety of programs to aid Congolese civilians in the transition towards peace throughout eastern Congo. These include income generating projects, peace-building workshops, conflict resolution and mediation seminars, and a multitude of other practical responses to conflict in eastern Congo and efforts to support human rights and advocate for vulnerable populations. This site will provide you with more information about our organizational structure, our areas of intervention, programs in progress, partner associations, and staff contact information in the event that you would like to contact us to ask for more information or demand assistance. Thank you for visiting and supporting our efforts to increase peace and justice across eastern Congo.


Arche d’Alliance was formed in 1997 in response to the massive abuses of human rights and the complex crises emerging between various military forces (RPA, AFDL, FAZ, ex-FAR, Interahamwe) towards the end of 1996 in Congo, which was then called Zaïre. The founders of Arche d’Alliance realized that the war would require groups dedicated to supporting human rights, as well as groups combating the culture of political, social, and judicial impunity which accompanied the heightening of tensions in Zaïre.

Widespread killing of civilians and violations of international human rights law occurred on all sides, and the situation of insecurity made it difficult to identify, pursue, and punish the worst perpetrators. The departure of many international aid groups also left a large void in organizations advocating for populations victimized during the conflict through the late 1990’s. It is in this context Arche d’Alliance formed, and stated its mission to promote peace in the war torn country and defend the human rights of all those living in the midst of the war in Congo.

Since 1997, Arche d’Alliance has grown considerably and increased its scope to include many programs in education and the promotion of good governance in Congo. Arche d’Alliance engages the community to play an active role in ending the culture of impunity which continues to this day, and continues to defend human rights in light of the ongoing crises throughout eastern Congo.

The organization keeps liaison offices throughout eastern Congo in order to keep direct contact with areas in conflict, which facilitates quick responses to reports of human rights violations. The current conflict keeps each office occupied throughout the year with investigations and reporting on the atrocities regularly committed by armed militias, Congolese military and police forces, and even civilians. For example, last year (2007) the Uvira\South Kivu office (1 of 9 liaison offices) investigated hundreds of cases of torture, sexual assault, theft, arbitrary arrest, and abduction for ransom.

Now with more than a decade of experience working for human rights in eastern Congo, Arche d’Alliance continues to grow in terms of the number of programs and types of assistance offered to embattled civilians in North and South Kivu. Please review the CURRENT ACTIVITIES section in order to read more about what is being done by Arche d’Alliance to increase the peace and protect human rights in Eastern Congo.

Our Mandate And Specific Objectives

Mandate: Contribute and rebuild a “culture of peace” in Eastern Congo and defend human rights in the region
Specific Objectives:
1. Make a contribution to peace in our community by popularizing the judicial instruments available to citizens in order to bring perpetrators of violence and crimes against humanity to justice
2. Observe, investigate, and report on widespread violations of human rights in our community, and respond with the appropriate judicial processes
3. Provide free legal consul to disadvantaged populations (children forcibly or unlawfully detained, wrongfully accused and detained persons, victims of sexual violence, former child soldiers, those living with HIV/AIDS, refugee populations, etc.)
4. Aid the community with peaceful conflict transformation
5. Give support to legislation favoring reform in Congolese law in order to provide an atmosphere protective of human rights for all Congolese

Our Work Process


Current Activities

Arche d'Alliance tribunal for returning refugees in Luvungi village, South Kivu

We currently have many programs in place to aid the community in eastern Congo and to support human rights in the region. These programs include:
1. Monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation in the region
2. Monitoring and reporting on the humanitarian and security situations in the region
3. Monitoring the movement of populations throughout eastern Congo and supporting these vulnerable populations
4. Providing free judicial aid and mediation
5. Promoting the status of children, in particular children in conflict with the law, orphaned children, children associated with armed groups, victims of violence, and uneducated children
6. Researching ongoing conflicts in our region and supporting the transition to peace
7. Providing educational seminars and conferences for the population, in particular civic education, human rights education, ad education concerning the judicial process and legal system in eastern Congo
Educational seminars for Congolese civilians are a key part of Arche d'Alliances work in eastern Congo


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Our Partners

Arche d'Alliance has made many partnerships over the last decade in order to better support Congolese in need of assistance. Their websites contain essential information concerning the struggle for human rights in Congo and across the globe. Some of our partners include:
UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch
Save the Children
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Life & Peace Institute
The Advocacy Project
Mutuelle Jeunesse Active

More Information on Congo

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MONUC-UN Mission in Congo
Radio France Internationale
The New York Times-Congo
International Rescue Committee-Congo's Forgotten Crisis
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Contact Us

If you have questions concerning Arche d’Alliance’s work in Congo, please do not hesitate to contact us at our organizational email Our office will respond to your questions and comments as son as possible. Thank you!

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